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Contemporary Courses

Step into our captivating world of contemporary dance, where we offer a diverse array of classes specially curated for children aged between 3 & 18. Our primary goal is to ignite and nurture a genuine love for this wonderfully fluid modern dance style.

Our contemporary classes are meticulously guided by a highly qualified Rambert Grades accredited teacher, who brings their expertise to the forefront. Embracing the revolutionary contemporary grades program, we provide our students with a rare and invaluable opportunity to partake in examinations in Contemporary dance, ultimately earning esteemed Ofqual accreditations. This unique journey of growth and development empowers our students to become accomplished dancers and confident performers.

Built upon a strong foundation of individuality, creativity, and performance, our classes cater to both current ballet students and complete newcomers. We understand the importance of fostering each student's unique expression, allowing their creativity to flourish within a supportive and encouraging environment.

We invite your child to embark on an extraordinary dance adventure with us, where they can discover the joy of movement and unlock their full potential. Embrace the art of contemporary dance, and together, let's witness your child's passion and talent soar to new heights. Join our empowering classes and experience the transformative power of dance like never before.

Creative Dance for Early Years 3 (credit Jack Thomson).jpg

Creative Movers

Our Creative Movers Contemproary Classes are suitable for children aged 3 - 8.

Rambert Grades

Our Rambert Grades Courses cover Grades 1 - 8 of this groundbreaking contemporary program & are suitable for children aged 8 and over.

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