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Creative Movers

Creative Dance for Early Years 3 (credit Jack Thomson).jpg

Celebrating movement at the earliest stage, Rambert Grades Creative Dance classes encourage each child to explore movement, develop physical skills, harness musicality and encourage confidence.

Each class takes children on an imaginary journey with endless themes. An energetic warm-up is followed by physical skills development, as children learn structured movement material. Creative intuition is encouraged with a closing creative exploration to dive deep into their imagination. Swimming with whales, flying rockets to the moon or adventuring through the desert- every class is different.

As children move through three grades, Creative Movers, Pre-Primary and Primary, we celebrate six qualities: Communication, Teamwork, Generosity, Effort, Listening and Enthusiasm.

In line with Grades 1-8 this syllabus is a fully accessible offering which celebrates all dancers in all bodies.

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