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Our Pre-School dance classes are suitable for children aged 2 ½ years up to school-starter age. These classes are designed with fun in mind and complement a child’s instinctive desire to be active and inquisitive. Developed in accordance with the teaching practice recommended by the Royal Academy of Dance, the class content encourages the development of co-ordination, use of imagination and enjoyment of music and dance. Classes take place in a lovely purpose built dance studio where the children feel safe and can experience independent learning with their dance teacher and teaching assistant.

Classes are designed with an emphasis on fun and encouragement. We use story telling and imagination to teach steps and the feeling for movement. Utilising props, to bring an extra element of excitement - wands, scarves, pom poms, tambourines and teddies help our very youngest students experience dance as a performance.

The class gives the children foundation movement skills for any form of dance but has an emphasis on classical ballet in music choice and the general feel of the class.

The best introduction to Pre School ballet is to bring your child to a taster lesson. Children can join in or just watch the class whichever you feel is right. You can also observe the class so that you can help your little one to settle in and also see our approach and class structure first-hand.

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