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Junior Ballet



Our Pre-Primary ballet classes are suitable for children aged 4 to 5 (Reception year at school). The course has a clear structure and appropriate behaviour is encouraged and rewarded. Focus is on enjoyment, positivity and engagement with the music and movement. Age-appropriate ballet movements are taught using an element of story-telling, play and imagination.


Props are a popular addition to these classes. Magic wands encourage graceful use of the arms when running and tambourines help with timing and rhythm whilst dressing up in scarves and hats helps with storytelling, performance and expression.


The classes' content emphasises the development of classical ballet movements and techniques learnt in this class will also provide the basic skills needed for any dance discipline. 



Our Primary classes develop everything that is learned in the Pre-Primary class, using the same imaginative approach to prepare students to better articulate parts of the body and demonstrate an awareness of classical technique. These classes feature a variety of fun exercises set to charming music to teach dancers the basic steps of ballet technique. 

Although there is a natural progression from Pre-Primary to Primary, prior participation is not necessary in order for your child to join our Primary classes.


At this level, we begin to prepare our students for the Royal Academy of Dance examinations. All students have the opportunity to be entered for the exams. Preparing for these exams provides students with a focus and a sense of achievement.

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