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Every young dancer looks forward to getting their very first pair of pointe shoes. Reaching this momentous milestone happens after a lot of hard work in class to ensure a student’s technique is strong enough to manage the added demands placed upon the body when on pointe.

Our pointe classes begin with simple body conditioning exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the legs and feet ready for pointe work. During these classes students are carefully coached through exercises at the barre to improve their classical ballet technique and are encouraged to use proper articulation of the feet in pointe shoes. As students progress the number of exercises increase and students begin to move away from the support of the barre.

The emphasis in these classes is on encouraging students to feel as at home in their pointe shoes as they are in their soft ballet slippers. This will help them to have the confidence to dance at ease in the centre.


Our pointe classes are offered at two levels and correspond with the Royal Academy of Dance's Vocational Syllabus.

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