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How Should a Leotard Fit?

Many parents and young dancers are unsure of how a leotard is supposed to fit, which often leads to students showing up to class in items that are too large. The truth is that leotards are supposed to be snug.

Ballet leotards are designed to fit like a second skin and therefore shouldn’t have any excess material. They often contain Lycra in order to stretch with the movements of the body (this also means that leotards can last for quite a while for a growing child!).

Too Big:

Teachers cannot check for correct postural alignment if your child is wearing an ill fitting leotard. Don't be afraid of buying a leotard that has no excess material.

Too Small:

If a leotard is too small it will dig into your child's shoulders. Check that the leotard is being pulled up enough on the hips, as this can cause the same problem. If the seams are overly stretched, this is also a sign that your child needs a bigger size.

Correct Size:

A well fitting leotard should be snug with no excess material.

Check list:

  • The leotard should be snug, fitting like a second skin with no excess material.

  • Ensure the leotard has been pulled up properly onto the hip bones.

  • The leotard should not be digging into your child's shoulders.

  • If the seams are stretched, try the next size up.

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